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Tennis Elbow, and Golfer’s Elbow: How Physiotherapy Can Help!

Tennis Elbow, and Golfer’s Elbow, are common afflictions among sports enthusiasts, can be a formidable barrier to peak performance. This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the intricacies of this condition, providing insights into its causes, practical home remedies, and the transformative impact of physiotherapy on the road to recovery.

Understanding the Causes

Both Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow are overuse injuries characterized by the inflammation of the tendons in the forearm. In Tennis Elbow, the outer part of the elbow is affected, while Golfer’s Elbow impacts the inner side. Repetitive motions, improper technique, or excessive strain during sports activities contribute to the development of these conditions.

Effective Home Remedies

  • Rest and Ice: Allow the affected arm to rest and use ice to reduce swelling. Ice applications for 15-20 minutes every few hours can be beneficial.
  • Compression Support: Utilize a compression brace or band to provide support to the affected tendons and reduce strain during activities.
  • Stretching and Strengthening Exercises: Incorporate specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the forearm muscles, as guided by a physiotherapist.
  • Topical Analgesics: Over-the-counter or prescribed creams and gels with anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate pain.

The Crucial Role of Physiotherapy

Customized Exercise Programs: Physiotherapists design personalized exercise routines targeting the affected muscles to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Manual Therapy TechniquesTechniques like massage, joint mobilization, and stretching are employed to enhance flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and promote healing.

Ultrasound Therapy
This non-invasive treatment uses sound waves to stimulate blood circulation, accelerate healing, and reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Ergonomic Guidance
Physiotherapists provide valuable insights into proper techniques, body mechanics, and equipment use to prevent future strain and injury.

Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow may challenge your sporting prowess, but armed with a thorough understanding of its causes and a strategic approach to recovery, you can reclaim pain-free performance. This guide, blending DIY relief strategies with the expertise of physiotherapy, is your roadmap to triumph over elbow pain. Take the first step towards mastering Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow – explore our insights for a holistic approach to recovery and peak athletic performance.

TheraTouch Physiotherapy on Carling Ave, Ottawa offers General, Sports & Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and can help with Tennis Elbow.

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