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Top-Notch Physiotherapy Services

At TheraTouch Physiotherapy, excellence is not an option, it’s the standard.

Our experienced, passionate, and dedicated physiotherapists can be a game-changer in your rehabilitation journey.

Our evidence-based treatments offer you a path to recovery and well-being that’s second to none.

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Physiotherapist in Ottawa

The TheraTouch Physio Advantage

FREE PHONE Consultation

To empower your decision-making, we provide a FREE PHONE Consultation, ensuring you have ample information to make informed choices about your treatment.

Personalized One-on-One Care

A highly experienced & trusted physiotherapist will craft a fully customized treatment plan tailored to your unique condition and specific needs.

Hands-on, Evidence-based Treatments

Our effective treatments are grounded in evidence-based practices, supported by rigorous scientific research and clinical studies.

Private Treatment Rooms & Fully Equipped Gym

Our treatment rooms are private with doors. Unlike curtain partitioned rooms, we provide you with a private space where you can focus solely on your recovery without distractions or prying eyes. 

Perform exercises and movements without feeling self-conscious.

Thorough, Unrushed Assessments & Treatments

Your dedicated physiotherapist will NOT attend to multiple patients during your visit, and you will not be left unattended on machines or transferred to an assistant.

Your initial assessment, inclusive of treatment, is a comprehensive 1-hour long session.

This patient-centered approach ensures we thoroughly identify the root cause and cater to your individual needs.

User- friendly Online Booking

Access our user-friendly Online Booking System 24/7, empowering you to conveniently schedule and manage appointments.

Seamlessly align sessions with your busy schedule.

Direct Billing

We facilitate hassle-free direct billing for your physiotherapy services, by managing the claim submission process on your behalf.

FREE Parking & Accessible Public Transport

Experience hassle-free visits with complimentary onsite parking. Access to public transportation is conveniently located in front of the building.

Wheelchair & Elevator accessibility

The presence of wheelchair-accessible entrances, treatment rooms, elevators, and washrooms enhances accessibility for our patients, ensuring ease of access to our services.

About Us

physiotherapy clinic Ottawa. TheraTouch Physiotherapy

TheraTouch Physiotherapy is a women-owned physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa. We are conveniently located on Carling Avenue, at the intersection of Carling Ave and Woodroffe Ave, near Carlingwood Mall.

We provide top-notch Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, and Sports Injury Physiotherapy services in a private, comfortable and supportive environment. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we passionately cater to a diverse range of patients, to safeguard their overall wellness and vitality.

We achieve this by delivering exceptional care and personalized, one-on-one, hands-on, evidence-based treatments. You can easily perceive that excellence from your initial assessment to your final treatment session.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists continually enhance their skills through lifelong learning, ensuring unparalleled comprehensive physiotherapy services for you.

We Direct Bill Most Insurance Providers

TheraTouch Physiotherapy accepts Sun Life Insurance
TheraTouch Physiotherapy accepts ManuLife Insurance
We Direct Bill Canada Life Insurance
TheraTouch Physiotherapy Direct Bill Claimsecure Insurance
We Direct Bill Desjardins Insurance

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